Bag-O-Rags Mandolin Straps 


Recently, when I was working in my Button Room, I came across a big bag of raggedy jeans that I had been saving for some unknown project and it spurred me to think about options. I looked up a Youtube video on making a rag rug and I started to make one out of the denim. The heavy fabric proved a bit difficult to use for my first attempt so I abandoned the jeans rug and started one out off some old flannel sheets and the like that I also had laying around. I began using narrow strips of the sheets and whilst harvesting strips of fabric to make the rug, I became enthralled with the nicely sewed seams of the sheets and started to contemplate the usefulness of these long and hearty strips. A corduroy coverlet yielded the green seams (complete with surge stitching and piping) and an old flannel sheet produced the burgundy piece. They seemed perfect for a mandolin strap. Here is the first Bag-O-Rags mandolin strap! 

The instruments have been having a ball trying on the new straps and unanimously give their nods of approval! 

Long time favorite tee shirt was so holy it was approaching sainthood. Divine inspiration has given it a new life as a Bag-O-Rags mandolin strap.