The Urban Blight Farm

The first part of this video (about 1:51) was shot on May 14th and was made for my brother Don so he could advise me more accurately on the matter of ground cover plants. There is construction noise in the background throughout the video but it shows the state of the garden at that time. The 2nd section (at about 1:52) of the video shows my neighbor's raspberry patch which has gone wild in a couple of ways. The raspberries are choked with morning glories and other weeds but the berry production is incredible. Although the fruit is smaller overall in size the berries are abundant. Many of the canes are bent over with lots of fruit hanging near the ground. Very difficult to harvest. The last part of the video starts at about 2:41 and is a second tour of my garden that I shot on July 9th and points up how much has changed in just a little over 2 months. The process continues!