I posted this little poem on 11/23/2020 and at the time I decided to only post the first part of it because I thought it needed more work. I just now came across the original file and when I read the entire poem I realized that the second part served as a proper ending without modification. Only for those who like poetry! Or sobriety! 

But I got sober 

I would have been at the rally 

I would have worn my hat so proud 

I'd have held my sign up high and 

I'd have shouted my beliefs out loud 

I believe I would have joined you 

Been inspiration to the crowd 

Would have lit my hair on fire 

And paraded around downtown 

But I got sober 

And I began to see 

That when I was sober 

That I could no longer be 

A riotous mess with my hair on fire 

And my pants around my knees 

And I found out that there were those 

Who were looking up to me


6/11/21 About a year ago I composed and published this little poem on my FB page and have been meaning to put it here and now I have done so. 

             Playing for Peace 

The Peace for which I play is Peace of Mind,  

Although, I wish my neighbor were a bit more kind,  

It's noble that's for sure  

To play for Peace is quite demure  

Peace of mind brings Peace on Earth