Gretchen Memorial Baskets and Wreaths

Today, I spent most of the day trying to use up the pieces of vine that remained and at Jean"s suggestion, I came up with this little waste paper basket  complete with a bag retaining attachment. I have become aware of baskets and realize how many of them have been here in the house all along and Gretchen definitely had an eye for baskets. I found this basket in G's library and it was filled with little pieces of wood and the like that she had found interesting enough to bring home, but it was really similar to what I was trying to create.Also, as I was making the wreaths, I started to insert little pieces of Gretchen's collection into each wreath which certainly made them really contain a little bit of her. The basket shop at night.

It's hard to find good help,,,

In among Gretchen's collections was some baling twine and I started adding little pieces of that to the baskets as I think she would have approved of such a thing. In fact, I have come to use baling twine to attach the paper labels that I mentioned earlier, in another post. Several people inquired about acquiring a basket and I am prepared to discuss making baskets and wreaths available,